Feeling ‘summer ready’ yet? As the temperature rises, so too does the urge to want to get active, get in shape, and ultimately, look and feel our very best. One way for women to do just this is through consistent strength training. With a targeted yet well-rounded fitness routine, you might just find yourself smashing goals and achieving results like never before – no crash diets necessary! Committing to regular training and challenging yourself does a lot more than just push your physical limits. At REVL Training, building strength and endurance means building confidence. Our highly targeted group fitness training programs and hard-working community lay the foundations for you to shape whatever body, lifestyle, and healthy habits you set out to achieve So, here’s the lowdown on strength and conditioning training – and why it could be the missing link to getting you leaner, faster, and stronger.

What is strength and conditioning training?

Strength training is all about improving muscular performance, endurance, and, consequently, toning and optimising your physique Strength training involves just as much work as cardio training but is executed in very different ways. Whilst cardio is all about rhythmic, aerobic movement at a faster pace, strength training is more about focusing and controlling weight through resistance bands, lifting weights, and using your body weight to build and sculpt.  A typical strength and conditioning training workout will involve a variety of movements to test your strength and endurance at different angles. This may include anything from compound lifts with weights (squats, deadlifts, bench press, hip thrusts), to erg intervals using a machine (such as an assault bike, ski erg, or rower) and ab exercises (toes to bar, planks to push-ups, or atomic sit-ups). Expect to get your muscles working (hard!), get your heart rate up, and keep the pace while maintaining control of your body. When starting out, be sure to adjust the amount of weight to suit exactly where you’re at.

Why we love strength and conditioning training

There’s a lot more to training for strength than just lifting weights and looking good in the gym. Here are some of its amazing benefits:

  • Healthier, stronger bones. Strength training can increase bone density over time, making you less vulnerable to injuries caused by heavy impact on your joints
  • Increased muscle mass. Muscle mass naturally decreases with age, and strength training will maintain it at healthy levels. 
  • Weight management. Strength and conditioning sessions are no walk in the park! As you build more lean muscle mass, you can count on your body burning calories much more quickly and efficiently. 
  • Improved mobility. Strength and endurance exercises are ideal for targeting a variety of joints throughout the body.

Ultimately, strength training is great for overall endurance. And not just ‘run-a-marathon’-type endurance. Building muscular endurance means optimising your strength through a series of exercises that target your muscles’ ability to take strain over a period of time. 

Dispelling the myths

Firstly, when it comes to losing belly fat and getting a slimmer waistline, most people will opt for high-intensity, pure cardio exercises. However, strength training actually plays a major role here Cardio and strength training actually go hand-in-hand, as strength is required in order to perform most cardio exercises most effectively. Strong core workouts using resistance are particularly effective when it comes to toning your midsection, for example. Also, when it comes to body composition, diet plays a huge role, too. Abs are made in the kitchen, as they say! There’s also the (very common) misconception that regular strength training and weight training, in particular, will leave you looking like The Hulk. But, boy, do we have news for you!  The reality is that this is simply not true. In fact, strength training, when done right, is key to maintaining a healthy level of overall fitness, and when accompanied by a good cardio schedule, it can work wonders for those just wanting a little extra tone on their hard-earned results.  With a balance of strength and cardio training, you can expect to build lean muscle mass – NOT to wind up looking like a female Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Good company makes for a great workout

Whether you’re new to the world of fitness or have extensive athletic experience, group fitness classes are a fantastic way to train consistently and effectively. Group fitness training involves structured classes guided by a qualified coach that properly target each part of the body, getting you closer to achieving your fitness goals. 


Move, sweat, and evolve at REVL

If you’re looking for fun, challenging, feel-good fitness training, REVL Training has got you covered. Our hugely popular classes are run by expert coaches who can cater to your needs and abilities, together with premium equipment and facilities to get you moving and working better than ever. Why not try a class for yourself at your local REVL studio today – completely obligation-free!  With summer right around the corner, there’s no better time to build your strength, endurance, and confidence in and out of the gym. Getting that beach bod is just a bonus, of course.