At REVL, we’re sticking to what we love – providing the best quality training to our community! In this spirit, we’ve partnered with the amazing ladies of ember Pilates to give you weekly workouts that fit in perfectly with your REVL Training. 

Challenging and engaging, these workouts are the perfect combo of stretch, strength, and stability. For both guys and gals, this is a great opportunity to roll out your mat and get a sweat on alongside your usual REVL schedule.

To give you an insight into why we love ember Pilates, we’ve sat down with the lovely Ash and Morgs for a bit of a chat:

Hey gals, can you tell us a bit about why you love Pilates?

A: Having grown up playing every sport under the sun (I was THAT kid), I personally started pilates to help with the injuries I got from rowing, netball, and my everyday gym routine. I quickly realised that it was a great way to complement my athletic training, and something I should be doing every day (not just when injured)! 

M: I live by the notion that movement is medicine! I fell in love with pilates many moons ago, searching for a functional form of fitness to compliment both my active lifestyle and long days at a desk. I love that you can practice pilates anywhere, anytime. My time spent on the mat is focused on total body toning, improved posture, and increased mobility and flexibility. 

Go-to morning routine? 

A: Getting up before the sun to do some PT down at the beach, or jumping into a REVL workout with a friend (I’ve especially loved this connection during lockdown). This is followed by coffee (Morgy and I both love an almond latte), filming an ember workout, and then jumping into my day job! 

M: Waking up to the sunrise, a morning workout (pilates, yoga, coastal walk or surf), which is always followed by my favourite time of the day – coffee and journaling wherever I can find the most sunshine! 

Your fav thing about ember?

A: Pilates (and exercise in general) can be so transformative for one’s physical and more so, mental state. Connecting with people, helping busy Mums to put their needs first, or recover from an injury, and ultimately find comfort, control and happiness within themselves is why I do what I do. 

M: For me, it’s all about the people and the positive impact Pilates has on their life… Being able to pick up their kids without throwing out their back, increasing the weight they’re able to lift, or better sleep, for example. On any given week, we’ll receive messages from clients saying Pilates is something they never would have considered but has been so transformative to their overall wellbeing.

Current personal goals, big or small? 

A: These past 12 months have been an absolute whirlwind for me, both personally and professionally. With all of its challenges, the year has helped me to understand and solidify the things that are most important to me. Being able to help people through movement is a key goal of mine, which I’ve done through launching this business with my best friend (how many people get to say that!). I would love to be able to deadlift 150kg (hello REVL) and improve my surfing (Morgan will laugh at this… I am utterly hopeless!). For ember, I would love to continue helping people achieve their personal goals, build our community engagement and open a physical studio (watch this space!). 

M: It’s not always that we need to do more, but rather, focus on less! This year I am practising balance… Enjoying that Sunday sleep in, listening to my body, switching off from digital/socials more regularly, spending time alone, being present and being still. 

Why do REVL and ember go so well together?

A&M: Pilates is the perfect complement to athletic training, as it is amazing for injury rehabilitation and long-term prevention. It can even be done on the same day as a REVL workout, to help you recover faster, lift heavier, and build muscle definition. Pilates works those little stabilising muscles that we often neglect in everyday training… Teaching you to “engage” your core, find your “neutral” spine, and “activate” your glutes and hamstrings. 

If you’ve got back pain after a deadlift, shoulder pain after a push press, tight hip flexors or hamstrings, these are all things that Pilates can help fix and prevent! Ready to feel the burn, ember style? You’ll find their amazing workouts on our REVL Training app, which you can download here. Be sure to let us know how it goes by tagging us on Insta @revl.training!